My Story

Kumari de Silva

  •   I am a self-taught artist. My passion for art began as a young girl growing up in Sri Lanka. My father was a painter and inspired and encouraged me to pursue my love for art.
  • Clothing in my native country is bright and rich with colors, and I have many recollections of constantly being surrounded by the brilliance and joys they represent.  These experiences are what I am inspired to share with others through my art.  To me, bright colors represent happiness and good feelings, and as I progress with any artwork, this is what guides me.  There is nothing like art to touch the soul in so many profound ways, and I strive to communicate this to others through color, pattern and design, to influence mood and impart good feelings to viewers.

     I am fascinated by the challenges of incorporating and unifying all kinds of elements and textures to create complete works. I never have detailed maps of what I am about to create, but rather rely on colors to influence the direction of the work. The satisfaction for me lies in combining many different elements in ways where, in the end, they all work together in support of each other, a process that for me becomes almost like lessons in life.  


Up coming shows in 2017

January 2017- " Chroma Explotion " UUFONN Solo show - Reno NV

April 2017 - Swill Coffee and Wine - solo show - Reno, NV

July/August 2017 - Art Indeed Gallery solo show-  Reno, NV


August 6th - Swill Coffee and Wine, Restaurant - Reno, NV

September 4th - "Going Abstract"  Co-op Gallery as an Guest Artist - Reno, NV


August 26 - "Open her heart"  SOLO SHOW - BACCI Risrorante   Makati City, Philippines